📣The “Burgas likes Youth” team announces a scholarship competition for translators. They are looking for a total of four translators—two proficient in English and two in Ukrainian. Their task will be to translate various types of texts, such as news, job opportunities, education, volunteering, and more, on the youth platform’s website: https://burgaslikesyouth.bg/.

The employment is for a period of 2 months, starting from November 1 of this year. The scholarships are granted as a one-time payment.

If you:

📌Are over 16 years old;

📌Are proficient in English or Ukrainian;

📌Can manage your free time well, dedicating 2 hours per day,

Feel free to apply by sending us your CV and a certificate of your language proficiency to the following email: hello@burgaslikesyouth.bg. Expect us to provide you with a text to assess your translation skills.

⌛The deadline for document submission is October 20 of this year.

The scholarships are provided as part of the project: “UNICEF Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality – together in support of vulnerable children and youth,” funded under the Basic Agreement for Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, UNICEF, and the Country Program for the period 2023-2027.

✌️”Burgas Likes the Young” is a youth platform for exchanging information and knowledge, implementing innovative initiatives, and creating a youth community. The platform aims to encourage collaboration between young people from Burgas and the municipality, stimulate their real participation in decision-making processes, and implement joint projects.

Translation: Simona Veleva