A total of 145 students have been approved by the end of September to receive scholarships or one-time financial rewards through the “Burgas Children” program of the municipality. These are awarded for outstanding achievements in international, national, and municipal competitions in the fields of science, arts, and sports.

98 of these children have secured a place in the top three at prestigious sports competitions. Among them, 35 young acrobats from various schools in the city have achieved first place. The next high results were in swimming and various forms of martial arts.

In the field of science, 30 students have excelled and will receive scholarships. They are in the areas of mathematics, mathematical linguistics, and the study of foreign languages.

17 children from Burgas have shown exceptional talent and preparation in the field of culture and the arts. They have performed best in the fields of music and visual arts.

The “Burgas Children” program recognizes students from 1st to 7th grade in all educational institutions who have taken 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the most prestigious municipal competitions, as well as in international and national Olympiads and competitions included in the national calendar of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Sports. Therefore, the ranking of Burgas students with high results is done immediately after the announcement of the national program for the protection of children with talents from state, municipal, and private schools for 2023.

A positive trend is that each year the number of Burgas students eligible for municipal scholarships or financial rewards through the “Burgas Children” program is increasing. For example, by the end of September, there are 145, compared to only 85 for the entire year of 2022.

The students will be able to receive their scholarships after October 19 from the school they attend.

Translation: Simona Veleva