The Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives (BILI) is a partner for Bulgaria in the project “Central Europe – Building Civil Society Resilience,” implemented by the German Marshall Fund with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives organizes free training sessions to enhance the capacity of non-governmental organizations, journalists, and the local community on the following topics:

1. Monitoring the Appointments of Executive Authorities: During the training, BILI will present its methodology for monitoring appointments of executive authority agencies at the local level. The aim is to empower local citizens and active individuals by familiarizing them with how to seek and find information about individuals holding public positions in this area, as well as how to systematize and process this information. Participants will gain skills for civic monitoring of the selection procedures, their formal aspects, potential conflicts of interest, and identifying forms of patronage. Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives’ analysis related to appointments in local branches of state structures (e.g., Regional Health Inspectorates, Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water, Regional Directorates of the Ministry of Interior, National Revenue Agency, etc.) will also be presented.

2. Reporting Irregularities and Protecting Whistleblowers – Practical Aspects: This training focuses on the new rights granted to citizens and legal entities resulting from the recently adopted Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers, which came into force on May 4, 2023. According to its provisions, a new legal category is introduced into Bulgarian legislation – whistleblowers who disclose information about violations they became aware of in their capacity as employees, workers, or public servants. At the same time, the law provides them with a wide range of rights and legal procedures for their protection. The law also obliges all employers in the country, both private and public, including all healthcare facilities, to establish internal reporting channels, ensuring the appropriate level of protection and confidentiality.

The event will take place on November 24-25 in Burgas, Bulgaria.

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Translation: Simona Veleva