In recent years, more and more formal and informal organizations all over Bulgaria have started working towards sustainable urban renewal. They are connecting with citizens and helping global trends for the creation of high-quality places in which people would want to live, work, study, and play.

The first national forum Placemaking Connected: Bulgaria marks the official launch of a network of organizations that spread and implement practices for innovative and inclusive urban development plans in the country.

The forum will gather active organizations from the country and will help them exchange experiences and ideas. It will lay the foundation for:

  • discussing the solutions of the common problems with the participation of international experts and politicians;
  • creating a vision for the development of the newly formed forum.

To achieve this, the organizers planned:

  • a one-month international conference on 1st September in the abandoned building near the train station, which became known because of the placemaking initiative;
  • an exhibition of successful Bulgarian projects;
  • workshops with various Bulgarian organizations on their current cases.

Registration: The event is free, but you must sign up beforehand. Please fill out the following form:

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 1st-3rd September 2023

Who: BG Be Active Association, GRADOSKOP, and Imp-Act Agency


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Translation: Malena Petrova