The contest for creating a children’s song “Ecletica Union Kids” – Symphony Competition 2023, is a project of “Music Author”, Municipal Cultural Institute “Nadezhda”, and the Ministry of Culture.

There are no age restrictions so all authors can participate in the competition. The songs the participants submit must be created for the competition. They shouldn’t have been publically presented.


  • The authors will choose the performers of their songs;
  • The lyrics of the songs must be in Bulgarian;
  • The songs must be no longer than 5 minutes;
  • The children singing the songs may sing solo or in a duet, trio, or any kind of vocal group;
  • The solo singers should be under 18 years old on the day of the competition. The group performers may be up to 19 years old.

Application for participation -> here.

Declaration -> here.

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Translation: Malena Petrova

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