🔥 “Artistic Youth Fest” is an event aimed at bringing together the young artists of Burgas, providing a platform for the diverse talents they possess. The idea for this event comes from five equally artistic young individuals who joined the ranks of the “Burgas Good Creators” this year.

🚀 Alexandra, Georgi, Denitsa, Ivana, and Martin are inviting all young people to a festival that will allow them to:

✨ Express themselves.

✨ Unleash their imagination by creating their own works.

✨ Learn from several wonderful instructors and touch on professionalism.

✨ Create lasting memories.

✨ Gain invaluable experience.

📌 The event will take place on November 18th and 19th at the “Flora” Exhibition Center. The young participants will have the opportunity to showcase their original works in several areas, including:

📽️ Short films.

🖨️ Creative writing.

📸 Photography.

🖌️ Painting.

🎤 The festival will conclude with a fantastic concert, open to all talents as long as they familiarize the organizers with their concept beforehand.

🔗 To stay updated on all the latest information about the event, visit their website “Artistic Youth Fest” at >> [http://artisticyouth.art/]! Follow their Instagram and Facebook pages!

The funds for this initiative are provided through the project: “UNICEF Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality – Together in Support of Vulnerable Children and Youth,” funded within the framework of the Basic Agreement for Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, the UN Children’s Fund, and the Country Program for the period 2023-2027.

Translation: Simona Veleva