🌊🐚 Children and young people from several schools in Burgas participated in today’s beach cleaning event at “Atanasovska kosa Beach.” The initiative was organized by the girls from “We with the Sea,” who decided to celebrate International Black Sea Day, which falls on October 31, in a fitting way.

🏖️ The idea to make one of Burgas residents’ favourite places even more beautiful was warmly welcomed by their parents as well. Even passersby joined the initiative, and bags and gloves were provided for everyone.

📌 To support the cause of the young people, Pavlin Mihov, the director of the “Environment” Directorate of the Municipality of Burgas, also participated in the cleanup.

🫧 It turned out that waste collection is not as quick and easy, indicating that the people of Burgas are committed to keeping the beach clean. However, the most common pollutants found were wrappers, plastic cups, and nylon bags.

✨ In less than a month, “We with the Sea” will continue their environmental initiative by inviting young people to the Centre for Contemporary Art and Library. Expect many surprises then and stay tuned for details on their social media channels >> We with the Sea, niesmoreto.

🖋️ The funds for this eco-initiative are provided through the project: “UNICEF Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality – Together in Support of Vulnerable Children and Youth,” funded within the framework of the Basic Agreement for Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, the UN Children’s Fund, and the Country Program for the period 2023-2027.

Translation: Simona Veleva