The first reading club opens its doors for the children of Burgas, and its creator and leader is the beloved ‘Agata,’ or more precisely, Alexandra Georgieva, the author of the famous children’s series.

The ‘Pine Cones’ club will be hosted in the beautiful ‘Little Prince’ library at the Centre for Talented Children in the city. This is where the weekly meetings of young book enthusiasts will take place. And how to fall in love with books, how to learn to understand them, delve into the depths of the plot, discuss the characters, and invent the story, is told to us by the author herself:

“My name is Alexandra Georgieva – Alex. I am a primary school teacher, and I love books very much. I have been leading a reading club for my students for five years now. I think it’s going great! In fact, I’m sure! Why am I sure? Because the children eagerly await each meeting and read all the books from cover to cover! If you don’t believe me, you can ask them. Alongside my love for books and my work as a teacher, I started writing and wrote 13 books about little Agata, who already travels to Germany and China. The series tells the story of a little girl who is a first-grade student. She is sure that there is magic in the world. Not the kind with grand incantations, but tiny enchantments that are hidden all around us. And in books as well. I am convinced that words hold magic! I’m sure that in every good story, there is magic, strength, and adventures! I can’t wait to show them to the children. That’s what we’ll do in our club, immerse ourselves in the magic of books, learn to read in the full sense of the word, understand the story and immerse ourselves in it, create our own community, where we will together travel to different worlds. This, of course, will improve the children’s skills in spelling, speaking, the ability to recreate a story, and to fantasize about its continuation.”

The ‘Pine Cones’ club starts on November 9th, and children from 1st to 4th grade can enrol. The author will challenge them with some of the most interesting contemporary children’s books, and the love for reading will remain for a lifetime.

For more information about enrolment and the program, you can contact: 0887201033 or visit the organizers’ Facebook page:

Translation: Simona Veleva