The competition, organised by the initiative “Burgas Likes Youth” for translators was successful. After the selection of the applications, 4 of the candidates were approved. They will receive a one-time scholarship for translation.

Their task will be to translate different types of texts about news, job opportunities, volunteering, and more topics on our site, in English or Ukrainian.

The accepted candidates’ names are as follows:

–         Alisa Michailova – Ukrainian language;

–         Grigorii Kormilets – Ukrainian language;

–         Malena Petrova – English language;

–         Simona Veleva – English language.

The scholarships were funded by “UNICEF Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality – Together in Support of Vulnerable Children and Youth”, financed by Bulgaria, The Child Fund of UN, and the Program for the Country for years 2023-2027 under the Main Agreement.

We will contact the approved candidates. Thank you everyone for participating!

Translation: Malena Petrova