With the arrival of autumn and the season of holidays, coziness, and aromas, it’s time to prepare the children to be healthy during the winter. That’s why the Municipality of Burgas dedicates the upcoming week to healthy eating in all kindergartens.

This is an excellent way to teach children about the importance of balanced nutrition and to familiarize them with the variety of Bulgarian products, essential for their health.

Thematic days will be held under the motto “Everything Bulgarian and native, for children’s health!” and are part of the Healthy Eating Program of the Municipality of Burgas.

Events will take place from October 16th to October 20th in each childcare facility, with the following daily themes:

– October 16, 2023: “Autumn abundance of fruits and vegetables”

– October 17, 2023: “Pumpkin – the queen of autumn”

– October 18, 2023: “We cannot do without fish and sea”

– October 19, 2023: “Etiquette and culture of children’s eating”

– October 20, 2023: “Autumn from mystical Strandzha”

Of course, schools have also been thought of, and they will join the “Week of Health” campaign. Each educational institution that wants to participate can also choose from five themes:

– October 16, 2023: “A day without sugar, carbonated, and packaged goods”

– October 17, 2023: “Let’s read the label”

– October 18, 2023: “Culture of eating – organizing a pleasant atmosphere, music, clothing”

– October 19, 2023: “Day of smiles and good deeds”

– October 20, 2023: “Sport and health”

Translation: Simona Veleva