🎤✨ A dance multimedia spectacle with the music of Maestro Stracimir Pavlov will be hosted at the Cultural House of NHK in Burgas on October 13, starting at 7:00 PM!

✨The show “TALES of the BLACK SEA” (with the music of Stracimir Pavlov) incorporates legends, traditions, treasures, and beliefs about the power of water in Bulgarian life and culture. From ancient times, the mystique of this gift has accompanied us and plays a fundamental role in our identity.

🌊The Black Sea is enigmatic, with a unique character and many hidden secrets. From vanished ships and sailors to atypical currents, sometimes turbulent and murky, sometimes lead-pink, calm like a lake, it has a diverse character and its own whims, unlike any other. It seems to tell the story of ourselves in all our dimensions. A permanent witness to the adventure of “Life.”

📜”Tales of the Black Sea” combines elements from various arts – the music is a combination of ethnic motifs, classical melodies, and contemporary sounds, while the choreography is painted with classical and contemporary dance, krump, and hip hop. Composer and conductor of the musical material is Stracimir Pavlov, Anastasia Nedelcheva is the choreographer of the performance, Antoanela Petrova and Neicho Petrov-Redji are the scriptwriters, with Neicho Petrov-Redji as the director and author of the multimedia, along with Mira Arnaudova and Stanislav Evstatiev. Elena Staneva is the costume designer, Nevena Dobreva is the administrative director of the project, Eliana Atanasova is the assistant director, and the lighting designer is Denislav Grigorov.

🎫Tickets can be purchased at the “Chasovnik” box office and on Grabo.

📌The project is realized with the support of the “National Culture Fund,” the “Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture, and Education,” and the Historical Park – Neofit Rilski.

Translation: Simona Veleva