♻️ℹ️ This is an educational workshop that aims to make us more aware of the irreversible ecological footprint each of us leaves on the planet Earth.

📌Climate Fresco is a board game with 42 cards, each representing a factor for climate change. Through this game, we will go through an engaging process that will help us discover the connection between the causes and consequences related to climate change and seek possible solutions to the crisis. 🌿

⚠ The Climate Fresco event is organized by the ManEco Foundation.

The game will last about 3 hours and is suitable for youth aged 15-29.

🌱The “Climate Fresco” game is coming to Burgas!

📆When: October 1st (Sunday) from 10 AM to 1 PM.

📌Where: [Beach Hub Burgas] in the new cool space Beach Hub Burgas.

✅Fill out the form to reserve your spot in the workshop: [Registration Form].

Translation: Simona Veleva