👩‍🏫 The youth initiative of the Youth International Center – Burgas, which transformed the “Kalina Malina” kindergarten in Aytos, has successfully concluded. Now, the children there start the school year in a more colorful and comfortable environment!

👌 A few days ago, volunteers thoroughly cleaned the courtyard, weeded the borders, and painted the fence and play facilities!

🤩 The added value for us is the desire of young people to make a change for the little ones and the good example they set for their peers!

👏 19-year-old Maria Boncheva applied for the MMS competition, filled out the participation form herself, and brought her initiative to completion!

🙏 The team expresses gratitude to their educational mediator Ani for the support to the young people, to the mediators from Aytos, Mariana Zerbova, and Gulten Asenova, for mentoring in the work process, and to the management of “Kalina Malina” Kindergarten for the good attitude and positive approach.

Translation: Simona Veleva