🔘 The project by the Municipality of Burgas for the creation of a Center for Contemporary Art and Library has been selected as one of the finalists in the prestigious competition organized by the European Commission – RegioStars Awards 2023 for the best projects implemented with European funds for this year.

🔘 From a total of 228 submissions, the jury selected and chose only 30, including the project for the new library in Burgas.

🔘 The library competes in the category “Europe closer to citizens” with four other projects from Europe, and citizens’ votes will determine who will receive the prestigious award.

✅ You can support the project for the new library from today until November 14, 2023, at https://regiostarsawards.eu/.

📌 The project “Reconstruction and restructuring of an existing building into a cultural-educational center (museum) for contemporary art and a library” has been implemented with the support of Operational Program “Regions in Growth” 2014-2020 and financial instruments provided by the Fund of Funds and the Fund for Sustainable Cities.

📌 At the core of the project is the idea of modernizing the cultural infrastructure in the municipality to support the development of the local community based on knowledge, creative innovations, and shared cultural life.

📌 The project addresses contemporary challenges, requiring support for strategically significant initiatives such as the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity, creative mobility, and the protection of intellectual property in the field of culture. It also aims to create conditions for the development of cultural and creative industries, modern forms of cultural expression, and quality education in the arts and culture.

Translation: Simona Veleva