The foundation “Podobri” is looking for a motivated young person to participate in a training course on the topic “What the f*** is youth work” #3.

The project is aimed at youth who want to go deeper into the field of youth work. The program will present the most important things on the topic like:

-What is youth work;

-Forms of youth work;

-The history of youth work;

-Youth advocacy;

-Practices at a European level;

-Useful resources for youth work;

-Helping youth workers through the programs Erasmus+ and European Corpus;

-Creating partnerships.

Link to information about the course

The project will be in Saraiķi, Latvia, 7th-15th October 2023


Apply at

Deadline: 10th September 2023

Covering transport costs of up to 275 EUR

For questions and contact: / 089 867 3422.


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Translation: Malena Petrova