Join us in this useful event dedicated to one important topic – online disinformation and recognition of fake news.

Ivan Liutskakov will be a guest lecturer at the event. He is the creator of the platform Zemlevezh on social media. Zemlevezh presents Bulgaria and the world based on reliable sources in an accessible way by infographics. It proves widespread misconceptions wrong. The platform aims to prevent misinformation on some important societal issues. Ivan is an economist who is passionate about history, languages, ecology, and astronomy. He used to live in Germany but came back to Varna this year.

Topics part of the lecture:

–        How much do people know about truth?

–        How can we recognize fake news and disinformation online?

–        Which sources have reliable information, and how can we work with it?

–        How can we present data using graphs to help people understand the information?

In the workshop with Zemlevezh, we will work on real cases for online research and the presentation of data in groups. After, we will share the conclusions with everyone.

Participate in the event for critical thinking education. Register now and share the information with others. Maybe we can’t make the internet more reliable and convenient, but we can change our view on it by overcoming the risks of online disinformation!

Date: 17.09 – Sunday

Time: 4 p.m.

Place: Varna “Socialnata chaina”, “Preslav” St. №53

*Free entrance

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Translation: Malena Petrova