“Critique” is a program for creating and spreading critical information on topics, events, art, and culture by established and innovative methods in the field of performative art, music, literature, visual and screen art.

The “Critique ‘23” program aims to stimulate the sustainable publication of newspapers, magazines, formats, and the creation of various types of digital platforms and interactive events for critical content in the field of culture and art in one of the following categories: performative art, music, literature, visual and screen art.

You can apply online in the application periods after registering in the system for the online application of the National Fund “Culture” at www.ncf.bg. If a technical problem occurs, you must report it by writing to programs@ncf.bg. If this is your first time applying, watch this VIDEO.

Deadline for application: 13th September 2023 by 3 p.m.

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Translation: Malena Petrova

Текст и снимка: НФК


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