The accelerator project supports sustainable solutions for the blue economy in the whole Black Sea region in order to promote sustainable innovations for the circular economy. The program is supported by the DOORS and BRIDGE-BS projects that were funded by “Horizon 2020”. DOORS aims to develop a set of activities to support companies, marine inventions and innovations for sustainable growth of the blue economy. The Accelerator program is being promoted with the support of “BRIDGE-BS – Making progress in scientific research and innovations in the Black Sea to develop the blue growth within sustainable ecosystems”.

The invitation is for applicants based in the Black Sea area (individuals or organizations), but also for candidates who are not from the region. There will be training and advisory services online. The program will be in English, with some exceptions.

Both emerging and market-ready solutions are eligible in the following categories for cooperation:

  • Ocean observing and monitoring;
  • Ports, transportation, logistics;
  • Aquaculture practices;
  • Tourism and leisure activities;
  • Blue biotechnology;
  • Sustainable and renewable energy;
  • Nature-based solutions and services.

How will the Accelerator support your idea?

  • Expert support > Support for the analysis of the market or other services;
  • Business start-up aid;
  • Making funding and investment easier > Offering group training for the investors and support for funding;
  • Market access (candidates who are not from the region) > To help you meet potential local partners who are interested in the technologies/services proposed – solutions should be at least at technological readiness level 6.

Things which are taken into account when rating the application that are in the application form:

  • Conception and innovation;
  • Impact of the solution;
  • Overall business model;
  • Information about the capacity and structure of the team;
  • Present (possible) capital in support of the decision;
  • Motivation and expectations from the Accelerator.

The support offered will be based on your needs described in your application form. The best candidates (e. g. the most innovative, those with the best achievements during the support period, and those with greater impact potential) will receive a symbolic reward in April/May 2024.

The applicants should fill out the application form “Black Sea Accelerator”. For questions and further inquiries, write to

You can find more details, a timetable, and the services they offer, on the BRIDGE-BS website.

Application deadline: 31st October 2023, 6 p.m. CET.

Translation: Malena Petrova