In the second EUI – Innovative Actions (EUI-IA) Call for Proposals, an indicative budget of EUR 120 million ERDF is allocated to support various projects.

Key details about the call:

– Each project can receive a maximum of EUR 5 million ERDF co-financing.

– The project implementation should occur within a maximum period of 3.5 years.

The Call aims to fund projects in three significant areas:

1. Greening cities: Projects under this category will focus on experimenting and delivering innovative solutions related to green infrastructure within European cities. The objective is to address challenges such as biodiversity, pollution, resource management, and climate change. These projects should also consider synergies with other key policy areas. The innovative solutions tested are expected to contribute to Cohesion policy investments related to the green and just transition, with an emphasis on affordability for all.

2.Sustainable tourism: Projects in this category will support the long-term green and digital transformation and resilience of the tourism ecosystem. The focus is on introducing unique solutions and comprehensive policies for promoting and managing sustainable tourism. The goal is for cities to set an example for smaller towns, villages, and regions that heavily rely on tourism for their economies. This includes diversification into other sectors to reduce overdependence on tourism.

3. Harnessing talent in shrinking cities: This category targets regions identified by the European Commission in the Communication ‘Harnessing talent in Europe’s regions.’ The aim is to support solutions that help retain and attract talent in these areas. The call seeks to identify place-based and integrated pilot projects that involve local communities in urban-scale experiments. These projects should address economic, social, and environmental dimensions to combat demographic challenges.

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