Take part in a training course where you will learn how to engage young people in discussions about existing gender stereotypes in social media and the key communication mechanisms that promote gender stereotypes in the workplace!

This short course aims to train youth workers in using the “Youth, Gender Equality, Social Media in the Workplace” methodology, developed as part of the HEY PEOPLE! project.

The course will consist of four working sessions (half-day each on September 1 and 2, 2023), during which we will thoroughly examine and discuss all materials designed for conducting youth groups on the aforementioned topics.

HEY PEOPLE! is a project co-funded by the European Union that seeks to address gender stereotypes prevalent among young people, focusing on the portrayal of professional roles and career opportunities in social media.

The course is targeted at teachers/trainers/youth workers who will attend all sessions, have experience working with young people aged 16-25, and are part of local organizations working with youth.

Participants are expected to apply the methodology at least once in their own context, provide feedback, and actively involve the young people they work with in the HEY PEOPLE! project and its subsequent activities (follow-up competitions, educational events, and others).

For the selected 10 participants will be provided transportation expenses, accommodation (double room at “Zheravna” Hotel Complex in Bankya), meals during the training period, and all necessary materials.

Apply here until August 15: https://forms.gle/WWPTziJac4sogu7n6 If you have any questions, you can contact Association “The Future Now” at team@tfn-bg.com, and we they get in touch with all applicants regarding the selection results by August 22.

Association “The Future Now” is a Bulgarian youth non-governmental organization that works for and with young people and youth workers on topics related to non-formal education, gender equality, media literacy, digital literacy, and economic literacy. They are a partner in the Hey People Project!, co-funded by the European Union under the CERV program.