Scholarship Competition for Students Majoring in “Acting Mastery”

1. Purpose of the competition:

– Financial support for the development of the creative potential of students majoring in “Acting Mastery.”

– Assistance in developing the new generation in the field of theatrical arts.

2. Objectives of the competition:

– To discover and support talented young actors.

– To enhance the level of professional mastery among young actors.

3. Competition procedure:

– The competition is conducted online.

– Students majoring in “Acting Mastery” from all Bulgarian higher education institutions are eligible to participate.

– Only students who have completed at least one academic year in a bachelor’s program with a grade point average not lower than 5.50 are eligible to participate.

– Participation is individual.

– Candidates are required to present small theatrical performances, with each candidate participating with two different materials from their repertoire throughout the year.

– Participation in the competition is limited to video clips, recorded with available means, without video editing or close-up shots.

– The maximum duration of the video clips should not exceed 15 minutes.

– The competition consists of a single round with a closing event for award presentation.

4. The scholarship recipients will be determined by a jury based on the following criteria:

– A harmonious combination of traditional and contemporary trends and techniques in acting mastery.

– Artistic presence on stage.

– Flexibility and a good understanding of one’s intellectual, emotional, and sensory potential.

– Knowledge, confidence, and experience required to construct a stage presence for the character.

– Creative originality and non-conventional approaches.

– Artistry.

– Articulate stage speech.

5. The funding for the competition is provided by the “Vasil Samarski” Foundation. The scholarship award of 2,000 BGN is scheduled for November 4, 2023.

6. The composition of the jury is determined annually by order of the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation and is announced on October 25.

7. Applications for participation should be sent via email to the “Vasil Samarski” Foundation, following the established format published on the foundation’s website. Video clips should be sent to the same email address:

IMPORTANT! The application form can be found on the front page of the foundation’s website:

Translation: Simona Veleva