The unveiling of the branch coincides with the celebration of the 135th anniversary of the largest educational and research center in the country.

“Today is a significant day – the opening of the first branch of the first Bulgarian university in the most beloved city in Bulgaria. The birth of the branch was marked by challenges and took years. Time was needed to gradually clarify the idea of what this bold new structure should represent for all involved parties. Today, we witness how it takes shape and takes its first steps in academic life,” said the director of the Burgas Branch, Prof. Dr. Teodor Sedlarski.

The festive opening ceremony took place in the courtyard of the Cultural Center NHK. The student anthem “Gaudeamus Igitur” was performed by the chamber choir of the Department of Music and Multimedia Technologies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Representatives of the Burgas clergy performed a health blessing.

“At the moment, we are witnessing a historic moment. For the first time in its many years of history, Sofia University is stepping onto the seashore. I thank the rector and the academic leadership for extending a hand to Burgas Municipality’s initiative to open these new horizons. We have come a long way. Bold dreams are important for a modern city, and they are connected with the future, development, and prospects. This is why we rely on the young people who will be created here. I am confident that this branch will bring only joy and a sense of pride to the city of Burgas,” shared Mr. Dimitar Nikolov in his greeting.

During the 2023/2024 academic year, the branch will prepare students in specialties from the professional field of “Music and Dance Art” to obtain educational-qualification degrees of “Bachelor” and “Master.” It will also offer specialties from the professional field of “Religion and Theology” for obtaining a “Master” degree. During the opening, the first students received their student IDs.

The Burgas branch of Sofia University is located in several spaces in the city – in the Sea Garden, the Congress Center, and NHK. Work is already underway to organize conferences of national and international importance, film screenings, concerts by young talents, public lectures, book presentations, and new research, as well as spiritual talks. They are open to the Burgas community, which is always invited to explore the spaces for upcoming events, propose topics of interest, and suggest educational programs to be held in the city.

The event was also attended by Prof. Dr. Sevdalina Turmanova, the head of the Regional Education Management Petya Petrova, Deputy Regional Governor Vladimir Krumov, Agatopolis Bishop Hierotheos, Deputy Mayors Diana Savateva and Yordanka Ananieva, Assoc. Prof. Dimo Kolibarov – Director of NHK-Burgas Branch, public figures, representatives of cultural institutions, and education in Burgas.

Translation: Simona Veleva