🐦 Concerned nature enthusiasts inundated us with phone calls about excavators and other machinery entering the protected area, as reported by the “Poda” Nature Conservation Center. This time, there’s no cause for alarm – these machines have come to make “Poda” a better place for birds.

📜 The project is led by RIEW-Burgas and is funded by the European Union. From the planning stage, our proposal to restore the water bodies in the northernmost part of the protected area, which is currently practically useless for birds, was accepted. Shallow water basins covering an area of about 3.5 hectares (35 acres) will be created there, becoming hypersaline through the regulated introduction of seawater, similar to those in Atanasovsko Lake. This is just part of the activities – our other proposal was to strengthen the nearly destroyed sea dike surrounding one of the large basins in the protected area. Several channels will be cleared, where with sluices and dykes, not only can water levels be regulated, but the entry of waste from the sea into the basins will also be prevented.

📌 Since receiving the “Poda” protected area for management in 1989, BSPB has worked closely with RIEW-Burgas, the Municipality of Burgas, and other institutions in the region. We are pleased that this collaboration has now reached an even higher level, and as a result, the protected area will reclaim some of its most valuable habitats. Even now, when the machines stop working in the evening, the first birds arrive and occupy the new water basins, and fish can be seen in them, so it seems our hopes are not in vain.

📌 On September 20, 2023, the official launch of the project activities took place at the “Poda” Nature Conservation Center.

📌 For more information: BSPB “Poda” Nature Conservation Center; mobile: 0878 252 722; email: poda@bspb.org.

Translation: Simona Veleva