✅ The Municipal Council in Burgas unanimously supported the proposal of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov to build an innovative and high-tech academic center with an international campus complex on the territory of the 5th kilometer. For this purpose, the Municipality of Burgas will apply for the “Concepts for Integrated Territorial Investments (ITI)” procedure under the “Regional Development” Program 2021-2027.

“For more than 3-4 years, we have been identifying areas located between the ‘Izgrev’ complex and the Northern Bypass of Burgas. The land is 100% municipal. Currently, the Municipality of Burgas is developing the road infrastructure. This is a competitive procedure, so we haven’t announced it so far. By the end of this year or the beginning of the next, we should be approved and start its implementation. This academic center will significantly change the face of Burgas by creating conditions for high-tech student education, not only in terms of buildings but also in terms of furniture and equipment. It is gratifying that, for the first time, the rectors of the four universities in the city have extended their hands and are actively working together on partnership programs. This is an additional incentive for us to develop this campus in collaboration with higher education institutions. When the concept is strategically important and needed in Burgas, it has support from everyone,” Mayor Nikolov shared.

✅ The academic center will include high-tech scientific research laboratories in the following thematic areas: “Informatics and ICT,” “Mechatronics and Microelectronics,” “Clean Technologies, Circular and Low-Carbon Economy,” and “Experimental Archaeology.” The project for the construction of the center also includes the supply of equipment and furniture for the research laboratories, the establishment of a digital library, and the construction of an international archaeological-ecological complex. An agreement between the project partners should be signed for the implementation of integrated territorial investments.

Translation: Simona Veleva