“Greenpeace” – Bulgaria is starting a series of informational meetings where we will talk together about everything we need to know about energy communities.


Tuesday, September 26th, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.


International Congress Center, hall on the 3rd floor.

What are energy communities?

These are groups of people with a common goal – to collectively produce energy from renewable sources. They strengthen the local economy, unite people, and provide independence without harming the environment and climate. Energy communities secure their independence from large electricity producers and distributors by harnessing the power of the sun and wind. This way, people transform from mere consumers to producing consumers. The energy they generate can be used for their own needs, stored, fed back into the grid, sold to other consumers, and even donated to energy-poor households.

Economic, social, and ecological benefits of energy communities

People can distribute the costs associated with purchasing and installing certain electrical capacities. This way, they benefit from lower bills on the one hand and the sale of surplus unused energy on the other. By becoming part of an energy community, you manage energy production yourself, ensuring independence and financial stability.

Energy Communities – How and Why?

The events by “Greenpeace” titled “Energy Communities – How and Why?” aim to inform citizens about energy communities and the possibilities for their creation and operation worldwide and in Bulgaria. Discussions will be organized in three cities in the country – Burgas (Tuesday, September 26), Plovdiv (Wednesday, September 27), and Dimitrovgrad (Thursday, September 28). Experts will participate in these events, answering frequently asked questions about energy communities – legislative norms and necessary changes, training, and developed schemes for technical and financial support.

Learn more >> [Event Link].

Translation: Simona Veleva