The new school year in Burgas will begin with five more first-grade classes, welcoming 2,084 children who will be entering the classrooms for the first time. The total number of students, who will be gathered by the first school bell, exceeds 24,000. The largest number of first-graders is enrolled in schools in the Central City area.

New Classes:

– One of the newly opened classes is at “Lyuben Karavelov” School, and another new class is at Peyo Yavorov School in the “Lazur” complex.

– In the “Sarafovo” neighborhood, there is an increase in the number of children, with one fourth-grade class moving to the fifth grade, and three first-grade classes being added.

– This year, a new building at “Nadezhda” Kindergarten will be operational, with a capacity for 100 children, eliminating the need for children to be taught in residential buildings in the “Meden Rudnik” complex.

– Construction is progressing at an intense pace for the new wing of the school in “Sarafovo,” which is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year.


– Renovations of sanitary facilities in two schools, located in the “Sarafovo” neighborhood and the village of Marinka, continue.

– Significant improvements have been made to sports infrastructure in several Burgas schools during the summer months, including a new sports hall at the Professional High School of Tourism. Four Burgas schools, namely “P.R. Slaveykov” Primary School in the Central City Area, “Goethe” German Language High School, “Anton Strashimirov” Primary School, and “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski” Secondary School, will welcome students with new sports facilities.

Educational Programs:

– Educational programs focus on two main directions: digital competencies and functional literacy. Programs like “Telerik Academy” and “Students Teaching Students” aim to enhance students’ digital skills.

– The “First-Class Start++” program, an extension of the existing “First-Class Start,” includes the acquisition of robots for third and fourth-grade students to learn programming during classes.

– The “Read Me a Story” program involved over 400 students reading stories to younger children in kindergartens.

– Another program, “My Hometown Burgas,” introduces students to the landmarks, natural features, and history of Burgas.

– Initiatives related to health and physical activity include the “Healthy Teeth in First Grade” preventive program, providing free dental check-ups for first graders. A new program focusing on metabolic syndrome will also be launched, involving the provision of special scales for all schools to measure weight, height, and body mass, facilitating research on early signs of diabetes and obesity.

Sports for Every Child Program:

– In addition to the traditional student sports calendar, the “Sports for Every Burgas Child” program will provide third-grade students the opportunity to engage in sports under the guidance of leading instructors, helping them choose suitable activities for their free time.

These initiatives aim to enhance education, improve infrastructure, and promote health and physical activity among students in Burgas.

Translation: Simona Veleva


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