📅 On September 14, “Peyo Yavorov” Public Library invites all teenagers to celebrate the last day of vacation with a short film screening. The program is tailored for the youngest audience. Teenagers are at an age of challenges, tumultuous changes, and rediscovering the world. Therefore, the editors of “Kinematograf” have curated films that not only raise many questions but also provide some answers.

📌 Highlights of the program include “Book for People” by Vladislav Lakov and the acclaimed “Botev is an Idiot” by Deyan Bararev, both films having received numerous awards at Bulgarian and international festivals.

📌 Additional films from the United States, Singapore, Canada, and Germany are also included in the program.

🔗 Discover more upcoming events in Burgas in September -> https://burgaslikesyouth.bg/events/.

Translation: Simona Veleva