🎒 Five 18-year-old youths from the Burgas region had the opportunity to travel around Romania for free using rail transport. They participated in a project by the “Chance for Children and Nature in Bulgaria” Foundation, associated with the DiscoverEU initiative under the Erasmus+ program.

💡 The goal was to allow youths from small communities in the Burgas region, without prior experience in international travel, to visit and explore another European country.

💡 From September 6 to 11, they saw the Parliament and the Old Town in Bucharest, visited the Natural History Museum, strolled along the coastal promenade in Constanta, explored the Black Church in Brasov, and visited Craiova. The participants gained confidence in traveling outside Bulgaria without parents, formed many new friendships, and enhanced practical skills in planning, organizing, teamwork, time management, and decision-making.

💡 The journey also aimed to instill an environmentally conscious attitude by using the most ecological means of transportation – railways. The youths carried reusable water bottles and recycled at designated areas. In Brasov, they also attended an event focusing on forest preservation from plastic.

📌 The trip was realized through the “Discover Europe Together” project under the Erasmus+ program, funded by the EU.

Translation: Simona Veleva