📝 From October 1st, medical excuses for student absences from grades 1 to 12 will only be issued electronically. This will significantly ease the burden on parents, reduce administrative workload for teachers, and further protect access to children’s personal data, announced the Ministry of Education. The process of issuing e-medical certificates was presented by the Minister of E-Government, Alexander Yolovski, the Minister of Health, Prof. Hristo Hinkov, and the Minister of Education, Prof. Galin Tsokov.

This innovation is part of the implementation of the third phase of the National Health Information System, completely eliminating the issuance of paper certificates. The additional functionality was developed by “Information Services” AD.

✏️ “Electronic certificates will reduce the workload of the class teacher by 2 to 3 hours per month or more than one full working day per year. In other words, with this relief, we will save an average of 3 full working days per year for teachers, during which they can focus on working with students rather than administrative activities,” said Prof. Galin Tsokov. According to him, during the last school year, over 270,000 students were absent from school for respectful reasons, and the average number of absences per student is 50. “This is not a small number, and the subsequent analysis will be very important – how the e-certificate will affect these trends, as frequent absenteeism from school is among the risk factors for permanent dropout from the educational system,” explained the Minister of Education and Science. He emphasized that reducing administrative burdens is a top priority for his team, and additional opportunities for better electronic management of the education system will be sought to give teachers more time for their essential work.

✏️ “The introduction of the e-certificate is a clear example of what can be done at a fast pace when there is a clearly set goal,” noted Minister Alexander Yolovski during the presentation. He clarified that after a check-up with the personal doctor, information about the student’s health status will be transmitted to the electronic diary of the respective school, and the process is fully automated. Excuse notes for absences in electronic format will be issued not only by the personal doctor but also by medical specialists from hospital and outpatient medical care. “We are talking about a much more serious transformation of the model for excusing absences. The digitization of this process will lead to the elimination of administrative burdens and facilitate the entire process,” further commented the Minister of E-Government.

✏️ “The elimination of paper carriers will provide statistics on how many students are not attending school and for what medical reasons. This will easily allow the analysis and tracking of diseases, as well as epidemics in the respective regions and schools,” stated Prof. Hristo Hinkov. The Health Minister also clarified that each document will have a National Reference Number, which will be generated automatically after entering the data from the physical examination, contributing to the reduction of medical certificates with incorrect content.

The event was also attended by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Union, Dr. Ivan Madzharov and Dr. Nikolay Branzalov, as well as the Project Manager at “Information Services” AD, Ivaylo Stoychev.

Translation: Simona Veleva

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