👋 Erasmus Student Network Bulgaria has launched a national campaign for collecting “buddies.”

🌆 “Be the System” connects international Erasmus students who have come for studies here with local volunteers who help them settle in for their semester in Bulgaria. The goal is for international students to have the smoothest transition to the new country, culture, and national psychology. 🇧🇬

By becoming buddies, you will:

🔶 Practice your foreign languages;

🔶 Form friendships and get to know new cultures;

🔶 Participate in many diverse events organized by ESN;

🔶 Experience the unique Erasmus atmosphere;

🔶 Develop your hard and soft skills;

🔶 Comfortably add the word “international” to your CV;

🔶 Feel like part of the big ESN family.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of an international atmosphere with fresh and motivated people!

📌 You can find out which universities in Bulgaria have an active “Buddy System” at the following link: [ESN Bulgaria – Buddy System]

📌 If you have close friends who would also like to join, you can send them the form. Immediately after applying, each ESN section will contact you with your assigned “buddy,” whom you will assist.

📌 Each section will contact its volunteers at different times and organize a preparatory meeting with more information.

Text: National Youth Forum

Translation: Simona Veleva