🚀 Nursery No. 3 in Burgas is the first in the country to use geothermal energy for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water supply. Through 22 wells, the heat pump system utilizes temperatures ranging from 5 to 23 degrees Celsius from the Earth’s depths without extracting water from sources. Each well is 100 meters deep. Two units are powered by the energy, each with a capacity of 85.8 kW for heating and 66 kW for cooling the building. The temperature in the rooms is maintained within optimal limits depending on the season through 62 fan convectors.

ℹ️ The geothermal energy system was officially presented to journalists at a final project press conference. The ceremony was attended by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, Deputy Mayor and project manager Yordanka Ananieva, and the director of Nursery No. 3, Pepa Nikolova. Dimitar Nikolov explained that the new acquisition reduces energy costs in the childcare facility fivefold. On the other hand, it improves comfort for staff and children in the nurseries.

“After seeing all the parameters in terms of savings and the quality of cooling and heating, this gave us additional motivation. In the municipality’s program in the next two years, we aim for all nurseries and kindergartens to have similar installations. We are focused on them. They work non-stop, even in the summer, precisely when we have problems with cooling. On the other hand, in addition to heating and cooling, we get hot water 12 months a year. At the same time, we save harmful emissions from burning oil and pellets. The saved resources will allow us to invest in these new technologies,” said Nikolov.

📌 Burgas Municipality will use all possible programs to secure funding for the construction of such installations. If the funds allocated from them are not sufficient, the administration will provide them from its own budget, added Mayor Nikolov.

📌 Plans have already been drawn up for all nurseries and kindergartens to have similar modern installations. The technical parameters are currently being calculated based on the volumes and spaces that will be cooled and heated. An additional advantage is that all childcare facilities in Burgas have sufficient space in their courtyards to carry out the necessary drilling.

📌 The heat pump system in Nursery No. 3 was built under project No. BGENERGY-1.002-0004-C03 “Introduction of RES by constructing a geothermal heat pump system and reconstruction of the heating system in Nursery No. 3, Burgas.” It is financed under the RES-EEA Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021.

Translation: Simona Veleva