Roots of Compassion is a program that facilitates holistic development for its participants and the people they work with. By becoming more whole we become well developed adult figures and healthy role models.
Our aim is to immerse into different practices for cultivating wholeness to foster authenticity, reflection, compassion and vulnerability.
We will be exploring the nature within and around us and how to use it as a guide to inspire positive attitudes and enhance our awareness.

Submerged in nature we will experience non-formal and experiential somatic methods that cultivate presence, awareness and mindfulness through free movement, nature-based, ancestral and reflective practices.
We will be living as a community for 8 days having daily sharing circles and consciously working with the body and emotions, using principles of positive and eco-psychology and education, NVC, deep listening and eco-soul-centric developmental model.

You will get a chance to:

> listen to your own body & experience authentic connection to yourself and others
> take time for exploration and better understanding of yourself
> explore more-than-human world and your connection to it
> experience nature-based practices to use in youth work
> explore new possibilities on how to create a safe space for expressing emotions through communication and movement
> share your talents and values in a safe environment
> become part of a community for 8 days with 24 international people in unspoiled nature.

Ypu are fit for the project if you are:

> a personal development practitioner; trainer, youth and social worker, volunteer, or a person who works with other people on or with your wholeness;
> feel a strong calling to participate in the program, dive deeper into your psyche and are willing to grow as an individual
> feel comfortable being in nature and are willing to explore body-based methods and non-religious spirituality
> committed to participate to all the phases of the project (preparation, training course and organization of a follow up activity)
> Resident of the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Latvia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria.
> 21+ and speaking fluent English


August – 30 September 2023: Preparation phase
30 September 2023: Arrival day
9 October: Departure day
November 2023: Online meeting
Until December 2023: Follow-up phase.

Useful links:

Application form:
Deadline to apply: We will contact and engage participants on the go so apply asap.

This program is co-funded through the Erasmus+ program, therefore accommodation, food and materials are covered.