The SYNCLUSIVE project will support the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the labour market, including young people with little work experience.

In 2023, 16 organizations joined forces to create the SYNCLUSIVE project. It’s an initiative which aims to test and study an innovative system approach to stimulate the inclusion of vulnerable groups.

The project will contribute to closing the employment gap to create a more inclusive labour market by creating 4 Living Labs. They will be in four European countries – the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, and Bulgaria. It will also help immigrants, people with disabilities, women over 55 who are unemployed, and unemployed people up to 30 years old.

The reflective partners (Estonia, Italy, and Ireland) will rate the impact of the labs. This will help the SYNCLUSIVE team to improve in order to make the positive effect greater.

In the autumn of 2023, the first report of the project will come out. It will be based on studies and interviews.

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The project is dedicated to creating a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities. The team of SYNCLUSIVE wants to contribute to promoting equality in the labour market.

Translation: Malena Petrova