RAPIV, in partnership with the Trust for Social Achievement, is excited to announce a business idea competition as a part of the Start2UP project, aimed at providing support for initiating and nurturing one’s own business.

This competition presents a fantastic opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to highlight their innovative business concepts and gain assistance in further developing their ventures.

The competition is scheduled for August 5th, 2023, starting at 9:30 AM.

Location: Varna, Hotel Roslin Dimyat, Darzalas Hall, with the option for online participation via Google Meet.

Eligibility: Both current and prospective entrepreneurs are welcome to participate in a “pitching” format. Each participant will be allotted 10 minutes to present their business idea, persuade the jury, and engage with the audience by addressing any inquiries.

On the event day, an esteemed panel of expert judges, together with the audience, special guests, investors, and media representatives, will assess the presented business projects.

Prizes: The competition boasts attractive cash prizes, including 2500 BGN for the first-place winner, 1500 BGN for the second-place winner, and 1000 BGN for the third-place winner!