All students with creative thinking, an interest in science, and a concern for the environment can take part in a national podcast competition on the topic of climate change. The contest is part of the SEARCH Project (Science + Environment + Art = Sustainability) for the European Researchers’ Night.

The competition is open to students living in Bulgaria and is divided into two age groups:

• 12-14 years old;

• 15-18 years old.

Your task is to share a personal story about climate change in your city/village/region, presented as a 5-minute audio podcast.Your stories should include your views on climate change. Describe various manifestations of climate change in the environment that you have observed, such as unusual weather patterns, hazardous pollution, endangered animal or plant species, and deforestation. Explain why you think these changes are happening, how they manifest, and what can be done to help. You can participate individually or as a team of two or more students.

A jury of students will select the winners and runners-up in each category. They will be awarded during the opening of the European Researchers’ Night, which will take place on September 29, 2023. The location will be announced separately.


To participate, record your story in an audio format, upload itto YouTube, and send the link to, with the subject line: “Contest ‘Young Voices 2023’ – SEARCH Project.”

In the email include:

-Your name and surname as the author of the podcast;

-Title of the podcast and a brief description;

-Contact information: email address, phone number, postal address;

-Your age and the school you attend.

To record, you will need a mobile phone with a microphone or a recording device. It is recommended to use headphones and record in a quiet environment.

Other guidelines: Keep SIM cards and digital devices away from the microphone; Always have fully charged batteries and enough memory; Prepare the topic in advance and be ready.

Deadline: September 18, 2023.

Translation: Malena Petrova