Students from 8th to 12th grade can take part in the National Charity Competition if they want to spend time making Bulgaria a better place to live. For the 8th year in the competition the students will be able to create charity projects!

7 of the projects will be funded:

1st place: 1500 lv

2nd place: 1200 lv

3rd place: 1000 lv

4th, 5th, and 6th: 800 lv

One innovative project will receive 1200 lv. 15 of the projects will go to the semi-finals. The qualified teams will go to a training and then present their project in front of a jury with a 3-minute video.

The projects should be on one of these three topics:

Support of children/students who don’t have parents or disadvantaged elderly people.

Preserving the musical heritage of Bulgaria.


Innovative charity entrepreneurship

Deadline: January 14 2024

Duration: Plan your projects from February to June.

How can you apply?

Learn more about the competition by going on the site of the foundation >>

Translation: Malena Petrova

Източник: Фондация “Благотворител”