How much do we know about some of the most emblematic places in Burgas and their history?

If you want to enrich your knowledge and go on a pleasant walk, come on the tour on December 2 at 11 AM in the city centre. Days before the holiday of Burgas (St. Nicholas Day), the students from the Konstantin Preslavski school and their teacher Nikolina Dimitrova, will be tour guides. They took part in the Green Weekend in May when they made an eco-themed tour.

Together, we will walk through the streets of Burgas and learn about the architectural and cultural past of the city. During the tour, the guides will tell the guests about some of the most important buildings in Burgas.

The event will be from 11 AM to 1 PM at the Clock. It will be free for all, and there’s no need to sign up beforehand. Let’s explore Burgas together!

Translation: Malena Petrova