🌳Burgas Municipality is organizing a tree-planting initiative in the “Meden Rudnik” residential area.

📌The location is on “Kooperator” Street, near Block No. 91. The exact coordinates of the site are as follows: https://maps.app.goo.gl/7oft5vdcYuwfWczT9. In the long term, this initiative will have a direct impact on improving the living environment, increasing recreational areas, enhancing air quality, and reducing the negative effects of climate change.

✅Anyone who wishes to participate in the reforestation of the area can come to the location on November 18, 2023, Saturday, having purchased trees with their own means. Preferred tree species for planting in an urban environment include common chestnut, common oak, downy oak, hornbeam, oak, red oak, and linden with a size over 180 cm. The municipal administration will assist anyone who wants to take part in the initiative. A label with information will be placed on each planted tree.

📜The activities are carried out under the project “Regions4Climate” (R4C) No. 101093873, funded under the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 program, with the aim of building social, economic, and ecological resilience to extreme climate events. Based on close collaboration, the partners in the Regions4Climate project are committed to addressing existing and upcoming challenges posed by climate change and to building a more sustainable European community through the application of innovative, socially engaged, and citizen-driven approaches. More information about the project: https://regions4climate.eu/

🔗To express your interest and for more information, you can contact via e-mail: m.garkova@burgas.bg and g.sakaliev@burgas.bg