Program “The Outstanding Young Persons of Bulgaria – TOYP Bulgaria” is the national round of Junior Chamber International’s program “The Outstanding Young Persons – TOYP”. TOYP aims to recognise young people’s achievements in different areas of public life.

TOYP was created by Douworth Hawes, president of the JCI USA, in 1931, and its first edition was in 1933. Since 1952, the program has been an international initiative, and the JCI’s national organisations recognise it as an important part of their program. People like Orson Welles, Benigno Aquino, Henry Kissinger, Jackie Chan, Elvis Presley, Edward Schreyer, John Fitzgerald, and Michelle Yeo have been honoured in the program over the years.

The program is organised by the national JCI organisations in over 100 countries worldwide. In Bulgaria, the program was organised by the JCI Bulgaria for the first time in 2015. Then, the top 10 most outstanding people in Bulgaria were awarded. In 2024, the 9th edition of the program in Bulgaria will be held.

How can I become part of the program’s team?

For the next JCI Bulgaria Edition, young people between the ages of 18 and 40 will have the opportunity to join the team. They should not be part of the JCI’s network.

The team members will be able to acquire knowledge and skills in different areas such as teamwork, communication, organisation of meetings and events, resource management, marketing, design, and more. They can also broaden their knowledge by meeting same-minded people from JCI, the jury, and the winners of the program.

Find out more here. The application form is active until November 12, 2023.

For any inquiries related to the application, please contact the team at

Translation: Malena Petrova

Снимка: Junior Chamber International (JCI)