Volunteer recruitment begins! The project aims to gather and analyze a representative sample of genomes from modern Bulgarians, which will be used in future scientific and medical research, as announced by the National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research.

The project involves Sofia Medical University and Plovdiv Medical University, within the framework of the National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research and the biobanking network BBMRI.bg, part of the European scientific infrastructure for biobanking BBMRI-ERIC.

The Center for Molecular Medicine at Sofia Medical University will perform genomic sequencing, processing, and data storage and will participate in the establishment of the European Infrastructure for Genomic Data as part of the GDI project, co-financed by the EC and the Ministry of Education.

The project kicks off with the sequencing of the first 1000 genomes, enabling Bulgaria to contribute in the future to the “Genome of Europe” project in connection with the “1+ million European genomes” initiative (1+M Genomes).

In the long term, the project’s results are expected to lead to a better understanding of the causes of genetic diseases, the development of personalized therapeutic approaches, improvement in prevention, and the discovery of innovative solutions in the field of medicine.

Who can participate in the project?

To participate in the project, you need to:

1. Be an adult Bulgarian citizen.

2. Agree to deposit and make pseudonymized genomic data available for scientific purposes in a shared database for the country and Europe.

To join the project, you need to:

1. Fill out a health and origin questionnaire. To access the questionnaire, use the following link:


2. Sign an informed consent and provide a biological sample (10 ml of blood) for DNA isolation, which will undergo full genomic sequencing.

For more information >>https://nucbtr.mu-sofia.bg/news/genomat-na-balgaria?fbclid=IwAR24W6AFhtjrjC_n-2jrqSpBVs1fPmQRgC4TOq8PVBWwiu5E-9ShslGogVk

Translation: Simona Veleva