The BFSA Executive Board has established a special fund for fundraising through donations to be used for awarding annual one-time monetary scholarships to regularly enrolled students in accredited higher education institutions within the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, pursuing a Master’s degree in the professional field of “Pharmacy.” See full information on the [website].

The scholarships amount to BGN 1000.

Applications for the BFSA annual scholarship are submitted to the BFSA Executive Board, including by mail, email, in this case, signed with the candidate’s electronic signature, or by courier. The application should be accompanied by: an academic transcript from the university for the candidate’s performance in the previous academic year; a certificate of enrollment for the respective academic year; a brief biography of the candidate; a motivation letter stating the reasons for pursuing a Master’s degree in Pharmacy; a declaration that the candidate has not received a scholarship from the BFSA under the current rules until now; recommendations from qualified individuals. The deadline is October 30, 2023. 4

Translation: Simona Veleva