📢 Join Reach for Change Bulgaria at the FoWoSE event: “Promoting Social Entrepreneurship among Women in Europe”! 🌟

📅 When: September 28, from 9:30 am to 12 pm.

📍Where: Korner Coworking Space, 86 Kn. Boris Str., Sofia

🎟️ Register for participation here: [Registration Form](https://forms.gle/y47wMVcAeCPaRvLd7)

What is FoWoSE?

The FoWoSE project – Fostering Women’s Social Entrepreneurship, is a European consortium project aimed at strengthening the integration of gender equality principles both at a structural and programmatic level within structures supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. They firmly believe that by empowering women entrepreneurs, they can create an inclusive environment that fosters overall development and success.

What to expect?

🌟 Inspirational moments of experience and knowledge exchange

🌟 Tools and materials created to support the integration of gender equality principles in organizations.

🌟 Roundtable discussion

Who is the event for?

✔ Support structures interested in improving their practices.

✔ Organizations that want to contribute to positive change.

✔ Women in social entrepreneurship striving to empower themselves and others.

✔ Private and public stakeholders interested in the integration of gender equality principles and wishing to implement effective strategies in their programs.

Come and meet us! 👇👇

🤝 Together, we can address the issue of integrating gender equality in entrepreneurship and support the structure on its path to a more inclusive environment. #FoWoSEChallenge


More information: [FoWoSE Event].

Translation: Simona Veleva