NCP_WIDERA.NET offers grants (non-repayable financial aid) to finance the participation of Bulgarian scientists and experts in thematic partner events (brokerage events) related to clusters in Pillar II of the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation “Horizon Europe.”

The Ministry of Education and Science announces grants to fund the participation of Bulgarian researchers and experts in thematic partner events related to clusters in Pillar II of Horizon Europe, within the NCP_WIDERA.NET project.

Eligibility Criteria:

– The candidate must work in a scientific organization, university, government institution, non-governmental organization, small or medium-sized enterprise, or another legal entity based in Bulgaria, directly involved in research and/or innovation activities.

– The candidate must hold a doctoral degree or have at least 3 years of professional experience in the field of fundamental or applied scientific research.

– Proficiency in English is required at an excellent expert level.

Preference will be given to candidates:

– Currently or potentially coordinating projects under the clusters of Horizon Europe.

– Participating in current or past projects under Horizon Europe.

– Willing to present and share their personal experience during the respective partner event.

– With previous experience in international cooperation in the field of research and innovation.


Grants will be awarded up to €1000 for one event (50% advance funding + subsequent reimbursement of the remaining costs based on actual expenses).

To receive reimbursement, the candidate must submit an application accompanied by additional documentation (invoice from the hotel, copies of plane tickets, tickets for public transport, etc.) within 10 days of returning from the event. A mandatory part of the reporting documentation is a report on the event (prepared in the NCP_WIDERA.NET project form).

Application Documents:

– Application for participation in the respective event (prepared in the NCP_WIDERA.NET project form).

– Brief biography of the candidate.

– Confirmation of registration/program of the event/invitation.

Important Points:

– The application for participation must be submitted at least 25 days before the respective event via email to

– Submitted applications are reviewed within a 3-day period by experts from the “Science” Directorate at the Ministry of Education and Science (implementing body of the NCP_WIDERA.NET project), followed by immediate notification of the candidates.

– Participants are responsible for organizing their own travel, purchasing plane tickets, hotel reservations, and other logistical details.

– Candidates have the right to independently seek and choose an event to participate in or use the available and up-to-date database of events compiled under the NCP_WIDERA.NET project: [Horizon Europe NCP Portal].


The competition will be open for application throughout the duration of the NCP_WIDERA.NET project (until spring 2025) or until the available budget is exhausted.

Translation: Simona Veleva