👩‍🎓 The exhibition “Study Abroad,” organized by “Darbi,” will be hosted in Burgas on September 23 and will take place at the “Bulgaria” hotel.

Register for FREE at https://bit.ly/3BcBbXA

What is planned?

✅ Seminar program throughout the day of the event

✅ Personal consultation for choosing a country and university

✅ Information on applying in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the USA, etc.

✅ Seminars on motivational letters, portfolios, and entrance exams for top universities in Europe and the USA

✅ Scholarships, student loans, and personal financial planning

✅ IELTS consultations and registration for practice tests

✅ Career test and professional orientation

Registration >>https://bit.ly/3BcBbXA

Translation: Simona Veleva