♻️ United Future invites you to participate in the “Sliven Recycles” campaign, which will take place on October 8th of this year in the city. By participating in the campaign, you will have the opportunity to win a Nutribullet food extractor (blender).

📣 How to participate?

Bring at least 2 kilograms of recyclable plastic (crushed plastic bottles, lids, etc.), and you will have a chance to win the blender. The person who brings the largest amount (measured in kilograms, excluding caps and lids) of recyclable plastic will be announced as the winner.

You can learn which plastic is recyclable at the following link: [United Future – Recycling Campaign](https://united-future.com/recycling-campaign/)

Participation is open to every individual. The only restriction is for individuals working in companies involved in the purchase of plastic items for recycling purposes.

📍 Where and at what time?

The event will take place at the playground in the “Novo Selo” neighborhood (Gagovets Street) behind “Rompetrol,” from 11:00 to 12:00 on October 8, 2023 (Sunday).

Learn more about the campaign -> [United Future on Facebook]

Translation: Simona Veleva