The Improve Foundation is looking for five motivated participants to take part in a training course on the topic “Let’s begin mentoring”.

The project aims to present mentoring as a tool for creating meaningful relationships between youth workers/mentors and young people.

During this course, you will learn about several approaches and tools, such as:

  • coaching;
  • non-violent communication;
  • radical honesty;
  • storytelling.

All of the knowledge you gain will help you become a mentor.

In addition, you will learn about self-awareness, reflection, active listening, building relationships, the different approaches to mentoring, and much more.

The training period will be from 30th October to 8th November, and the event will be held in Ķekava in Latvia (20 km from Riga). Transportation costs of up to 320 EUR will be covered. The deadline for application is 12th September.

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Translation: Malena Petrova