On September 9 at 10 AM in library the project “I Want a Baby” will start. It was made with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The initiative is national, but it was established in Burgas – the city, in which the first municipal programme to help couples with reproductive problems was created in 2008. The team of Burgas Municipality will present its work with the “I Want a Baby” foundation. The training is for people aged 15-29.

The lecturers are experienced professionals in their fields:

Dr Aleksandar Kobakov – an obstetrician and gynaecologist, member of the Bulgarian Red Cross, and winner of the “Paul Harris Follower” title of Rotary International, will talk about sexual health and the best time to have a healthy baby.

Dr Angelina Nedyalkova – endocrinologist, the creator of many programmes for a healthy diet, reproductive health, and metabolic problems.

Katya Simeonova – an experienced psychologist who is a therapist in emotional support groups for women with reproductive problems, will share her experience.

Stefka Velikova will teach the participants about active lifestyles, sports, and volunteering.

Radina Velcheva – founder of the foundation “I Want a Baby”.

Vanya Hristova will talk about the challenges young people usually come across on their way to becoming parents.

Translation: Malena Petrova


🔗Открий още вълнуващи събития през септември в Бургас -> https://burgaslikesyouth.bg/events/month/2023-09/.