Organization: The international non-governmental organization European Alternatives

Date and venue: The training will start in September. Two of the sessions are face-to-face and six are online, accompanied by additional informal sessions for skill sharing, peer-to-peer experience exchange, mentoring sessions and more.

Description: The program aims to encourage and facilitate the active participation of a wide network of European citizens in democratic processes through training and practical actions in the context of the upcoming European elections in 2024. Among the topics of the trainings will be the fight against disinformation and hate speech. Some of the activities can be creating artistic works, recording a podcast/videocast, workshops, lectures, etc. D.E.M.O. will specifically engage people who often feel underrepresented in their locality and whose voice remains unheard in political and social decision-making (eg women, people of color, migrants, representatives of the LGBTIQ+ community, etc.).

Registration: The open invitation is for 50 activists, citizens or residents of the following countries (but not limited to): Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden. The application deadline is 30 June 2023. Apply here – in a new tab)