All Burgas youth are welcome to take part in this exciting event days before the opening of Youth International Center Burgas. This is the last event which club “Awake” has organized for the year. Many surprises await the participants!

Treasure hunt is a game with various clues, which you have to follow to get your treasures, said Ema and Tuana.

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About Youth Club Awake

The creators of the club are Ema and Tuana, who participated in this year’s Academy for Well Doers and received funding for their project for youth. They aim to create a constructive environment for their peers by organizing a series of interactive meetings on different topics. It’s a place in which they can explore the world to develop skills they will need in their careers.

The initiative was funded by “UNICEF Bulgaria and Burgas Municipality – Together in Support of Vulnerable Children and Youth”, financed by Bulgaria, The Child Fund of UN, and the Program for the Country for years 2023-2027 under the Main Agreement.

Translation: Malena Petrova