📚The seventh edition of the National Poetry Contest “Unknown Streets” is approaching, named after the most popular song by Mary Boys Band. The contest runs until October 30th, and students from all over the country from 7th to 12th grade can participate. The jury includes Mary herself, assisted by Milena Andonova, the director of the English High School in Burgas, and Rumyana Emanuilidu, a journalist and publisher.

✨Each participant should send an email to contest@pmgbs.com, providing information about themselves (three names, city, grade, school and/or club with a leader), achievements in the field of poetry (if any), or other creative areas, and three self-written poems on a free topic, with their preference placed first.

✨The ranking will be conducted by a commission consisting of Maria Mutaftchieva, the main organizer of the contest, Rumyana Emanuilidu – a journalist and publisher, Milena Andonova – director of Academic High School “Nikola Obreshkov.”

✨The deadline for registration and publishing poems is October 30, 2023.

🔗For complete information about the contest, regulations, and ranking results, visit the school’s website: https://pmgbs.com/?p=15276.

Translation: Simona Veleva